The tides are inpsiring to me.  They come in, they go out, everyday they are different and everyday they are the same.  The idea that something which  is constantly changing is always normal is comforting to me. 
 The smell of the ocean as soon as we hit the coast (and especially after we crossed the bridge onto Deer Isle) is one of my favorite smells in the world.  

I love the water, and even though I might loose some kind of born in Michigan credential, I especially love the ocean.
Just look at all the life that's in there! On Friday morning Katy and I drove to a nearby beach with our friend Carole to pick mussels.
 Wearing our mud boots and warm fleeces, we lifted huge layers of kelp to uncover dinner.  You can't do that in New York City!  Or you can, but I'm not sure what you might find to fill your plate....
Later that afternoon we hiked along another beach and kept on hiking (since it was low tide) out to an island, and onward to another.  For a Midwesterner like myself, the idea of walking to an island across the ocean's floor on a sunny afternoon is pretty amazing.