Maira Kalman at the Jewish Museum

If you're in New York right now (or anytime before July 31) you've got to see the Maira Kalman exhibit at the Jewish Museum.  The Principals of Uncertainty, an autobiography/journal/record of Maira and New York has been at the top of my book pile for a long time.  I love the curious, honest, colorful way that she represents her world, especially New York City.  When I was in the process of moving here, Kalman's book was a touchstone that made me excited about the move.  I bought my autographed copy at the Strand, where Kalman has done several readings.
Ever since I read an article about her in the Times where Maira talked about doing most of her work in public, and especially on the subway, I rarely get on the train without looking around to see if she's there drawing.  Could it be?  Is it her?  Is she catching this woman in the crazy hat? Is it possible that she's looking at me?  Will she make a drawing of the two kids who got on the train with a cage full of rats? (Don't get me started)
The exhibition, which includes many of the original drawings for The Principals, also includes objects from her house, photographs, embroideries, and more.  The museum is an easy stroll up fifth avenue if you're in town for the Alexander McQueen show at the Met, you don't want to miss this show. (Free Saturday's!)