Last week Katy and I packed a rental car and headed north to coastal Maine for a much needed vacation from the city. 
Exactly one week ago today it was so cold that we both wore silk underwear under our pajamas and piled wool blankets on top of our sleeping bags.  The temperature outside right now in NYC is more than double those dreamily chilly Maine digits. I'm not cut out for the heat. 
We spent the week on Deer Isle, the largest lobstering community in the United States.  We ate like kings for the week by picking and steaming our own mussels, and eating locally caught scallops, crab, salmon and lobster.  I think our omega fatty acid levels are all set for awhile.  
 One of the things I like the most about the island is all the paraphernalia of lobstering.  Every time I've been there I'm surprised and inspired by the bright hot pinks and oranges of the lobster cages, bait bags and buoys.  I always expect them to be plain wood like the ones you see in antique stores.  Even lobstering is bright and modern in color!