Back from Squam

I got home from Squam last night, filled up with the joy of teaching.  I hadn't done that since December, and I really missed it.  Thanks to everyone who came and took my classes- I loved meeting all of you and hope we'll meet again sometime for another workshop.  I didn't take a lot of photographs while I was in New Hampshire this year, but I did bring back this tip for you:
 Madi, a student of mine from Fort Worth brought out this gem of an idea one grey afternoon.   I couldn't get over how smart this was, and I can't wait to go out this afternoon and get my very own book light to shine some light on my hoop.  This is the perfect tool for car trips, bus trips, plane trips....etc.  Thanks Madi!

In case you're wondering what she's working on, it's one of three new samplers that are currently in the process of being listed at my online shop.  This one was custom designed for the Stitch Dictionary workshop at Squam, and a few leftovers are now up and ready for sale.