Threading Needles

In getting ready for any workshop, or just a long day of work, I like to pre-thread lots and lots of needles. I think it's a great way to start the day.  Threading needles is mindless, grounding work;  a sort of a meditation, and it certainly comes in handy when I'm in the middle of a project or a demonstration and don't have to stop to reload.    If I'm working in the studio, I arrange them all by color in pincushions, but if I'm traveling, like I am in a week or two up to Squam, I keep all my needles tidy in a needlebook. 
If you're coming up to Squam to take one of my workshops, make sure you thread up your collection.  If you're without a case, just stick them in a piece of folded up paper.
For those of you coming to the post-Squam sale, perhaps I'll interest you in a handmade needle case a la my studio- they are all made from hand screen-printed fabric with 100% wool felt to keep your needles rust free.  A vintage button seals each one up.   If there are any left post squam I'll pop these up in the shop when the new samplers go up.