Springtime in Brooklyn

For the most part, I am loving living in Brooklyn.  We were lucky to find a great apartment with room for all that we do, but I miss the back porch we had in Chicago.  Around this time each year it felt like our home grew by one room and we spent all our time out there- eating breakfast, lunch and dinner out there most days, and spending most mornings waking up by watering the plants.  It was a great space. 
 Flash forward to this spring and I'm too stubborn to give up completely on a little garden to take care of- I've moved into this tiny little (fire escape) space outside my studio window and planted snap peas, sweet peas, zinnias,  bachelors buttons and basil (some are waiting inside until it's warmer.) 
I'm not sure how realistic keeping this little plot up will be but it's worth a shot. 

What are you planting?  If you've got your own makeshift garden or a real live backyard, I'd love to see what you're working on- leave a link to share.  Wishing you a sunny spring weekend!