Mera Mistry- Sunny Days!

While my work is primarily drawn and embroidered, for seven years a big part of my job in Chicago was teaching screen-printing.  While those prints rarely make it into my artwork, I've got to say that I really miss the printing process.  For me, printing is a lot like drawing- it feels loose and free and fast in a way that embroidery never can.  As much as I try to convey a sense of immediacy in my stitched pieces, they are slow going.  I sometimes miss printing and being able to assemble a composition within a few minutes or hours.
All this has been on my mind this week since I got an e-mail from a friend and former student Mera Mistry about her new etsy shop.   These bold, geometric, effortless patterns really brightened my grey winter day.  
Each towel is printed seamlessly with an all over pattern using professional grade thickened textile dyes, as well as liquid dyes to create beautiful layers of color.   Her bright, sunny palette is so great right now- a blast of sunshine for the February doldrums.   I hope you'll stop by her shop and look at her other stuff- Hooray for Mera!