After showing Mera's work yesterday, I can't help but keep on talking about color.   I'm excited about bright, intense, oversaturated, fluorescent colors these days.  Hot pink, hot yellow, hot green, maybe even hot purple....yes please, and lots of them.   
The drawings I've been making are reflective of this palette, but as I unpacked my thread last month I noticed a big gap.  I bet some of you are thinking, with all that thread how could I not have hot fuschia?
But I didn't (I swear!).  So, living only a half hour's train ride from the garment district, I headed out to 38th street last week to do some browsing shopping.
I've got to say that really, I love New York.   Where else is there a street filled with little shops that specialize in thread?   If you're headed to the city soon, I recommend checking out this short list (there are many more on the same street and nearby, so wander!)  1.) Pacific Trimmings, 2.) Panda Trading, and 3.) Daytona Trimming, (you might have heard me blabber on about this place before.)     What about you?  Where do you go for threads wherever you are?