I'm not kidding, Chicago, your thrifts are the BEST!

Not much to show around here these days, as the studio is a flurry of activity and moving piles, but I have been very diligent about getting to the half-price sale every Monday at the local thrift store, and I have not once been disappointed (even this week, when it was really cold and rainy).  Look at this amazing crown!  It was on the back of a zip up jacket.  I don't know what it's story was, but its a hand embroidered royal masterpiece, and I am so excited that its mine.
I'll say this: New York, you seem pretty cool, but you've got a lot to live up to when it comes to thrift shops.  Chicago may be the second city but it really excels in this particular area.  AND, I'll say this:  If any of you know of a list of great thrift stores (not vintage shops) in the New York area, let's just say that I would be happy to buy you lunch or be a friend for life for that kind of information.   Please, do tell.