Sorting through it....

I'm working in the studio again today after a break.  I started sorting things around the house to get ready for our move last week and couldn't stop for awhile.   Did you know that between us, Katy and I have four swiss army knives?  They are now all housed together in our newly organized tool boxes.  My afternoons last week reminded me very much of the sorting scenes in Amelie. 

 My mom and dad are coming down to Chicago this weekend to help me sort the studio, which is the biggest task.  I invited my mother because she can stay on task really well while remaining detached from the sentimentality of things.   She's a no nonsense kind of a woman, which I appreciate.  My dad is coming along to cook for us.    Here are three different views of three different piles....the fabric is the most overwhelming. 
A small collection on the radiator
I'm saving the thread boxes as a little treat for us this weekend, since I think those will be fun to organize. There are several boxes of thread that are of course in usable shape in the studio, but after a summer of three workshops around the country and seven years of teaching at SAIC, I am finally consolidating all of my demo materials and sorting it all out before the move. 

 Although I am definitely not a neatnick by any stretch of the imagination, I certainly do enjoy sorting things (remind me to show you my button collection some time), and I look forward to getting everything back in order this weekend.