How did you do that?

I thought I'd take a minute this morning to answer some questions that have been popping up in the comments.  A lot of people have asked what kind of thread I use.  The answer is a lot of different kinds, but mostly DMC Pearl Cotton, which in packing for NYC,  I've realized that I have squirreled away in every corner of our apartment.  It's suprisingly difficult to find (which perhaps explains why I buy it when I do happen to see it and thus the squirrelling) but in NYC, Daytona Trimming Company sells all the colors, including all the variegated varieties.
I like #8 the best, but I use other weights occasionally.  I prefer the pearl cotton over six strand floss because it doesn't tangle, and it's got a nice sheen, and it comes already organized in a handy little ball.  I also really love Valdani Pearl Cotton, but it's a lot more expensive, and I'm not so sold on it's wash fastness.  It is, however, beyond beautiful and the variegated keeps me interested.  Purl Soho carries their entire range of colors.  By the way, the new Purl location in Soho is amazing- they actually carry lots and lots of dreamy embroidery threads that I pine over whenever I stop in.

I also wanted to share with you this amazing online resource for video stitch tutorials:

Do you know about it?  It's so useful!  If you don't get the stitch the first time around, hit play again and watch it until you can do it with your eyes closed.  For hundreds of stitch directions, this is a great resource.