Fall is Here

I woke up last weekend to a little chill.  Fall had arrived.  Although I had planned a day to swim at the beach with my godson, Henry, we built a sand castle instead due to riptides and a lake that had turned decidedly cold.  Later that day I picked up our CSA share and found two winter squash... that settled it.  Fall was here.
This very last weekend, I took a spur of the moment trip to Michigan for a much needed visit with my family.   We visited my favorite vegetable stand, Cargill's, where we found lots more evidence of the season. 
After living in Chicago for ten years, I am continually shocked at the farm stand prices in Michigan.  I think it's about the only time I wish I had a car.  You just can't comfortably take a bushel (or even a half bushel) of tomatoes on the train. 
 I did mean to take one of those delicious Delicata squash home with me (have you had one of these butterscotch delights?) but sadly left it on my Grandma's counter.    For now I'll just hope that one finds its way into our CSA box sometime soon.

Incidentally, what I did not photograph was the sweet corn.  Not just sweet corn, but the best ever sweet corn.  Even after living in Iowa, Cargill's sweet corn is just the all time best.  I bought a dozen ears and ate six of them, sharing the rest with my family who'd been eating it all of August.   I thought they were done picking corn last week, so when we pulled up and saw a pile of it for sale I squealed with delight.  I travelled so much this summer that this was my first (and probably last) taste of sweet corn.   I loved every single bite.