Drawing with Stitch Diagrams

I suppose I ought to start this post with a thank you to all the readers who have purchased a stitch sampler.  Were it not for all of you, I never would have printed all those samplers.  I never would have drawn a second sampler, and I never would have started making drawings based on stitch diagrams....so, thanks! 

Not only have I gotten hooked on just drawing row after row of stitches on paper (perhaps due to the sheer novelty of comparative speed!), but I'm also starting to think about how the accumulation of these marks might add up to something bigger for some planned large scale drawings.
 Lots of studies and samples are going on.

The studio where said large scale drawings might take place is a mess of three artists workshop's worth of packing and unpacking right now, so I moved my operation onto the back porch summer studio this morning. 

Did I mention I was up at five am today?  For no particular reason, I was awake, so I decided to go to the Unique half off sale at the opening time of six am.  It sure was a pleasant bike ride over there at that time.  I really like being awake that early before anyone else has had their say in the world.  It feels like I'm in on a secret- like I'm the first in line for something really special.   Of course, it almost always means I have to take a nap in the afternoon like I did just now, but it is labor day after all.  It wouldn't be right to work all day long.  Anyhow, I'll show you the fruits of the early morning thrifting tomorrow.  I hope you are all enjoying the day off.