Back to Haystack Next Week-

I am so excited to be going back to Haystack next week for New Works.    I had such a great experience there in August.  I think it was the best class I've ever taught, full of amazing, smart, hard working artists who were so fun to talk with each day.  Not to mention the amazing views, lobster feast, cakes (and cakes and cakes) and swims in the ocean.   All in all, it was a great time. 

So, I was more than thrilled when my number came up on the waitlist to attend New Works next week- a chance for people who have taught there over the years to come back and focus on their own work for five days in the fall. 
I am planning on attending all the writing workshops and otherwise spending my time meeting new people and drawing.   I am bringing two sketchbooks, colored pencils, pens, and gouache, with nothing in mind but to make lots and lots of marks.   I hope to return with a stack of  ideas for my next body of work.   
 As you might have noticed last time I was at Haystack, there is not any internet connection there, so with the exception of a post or two from NYC,  it will probably be quiet around here until the 27th.   Hope you're all enjoying the beginnings of fall.