Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.....

For two weeks, I was in Maine, sleeping under a heavy wool blanket and listening to the lobster boats come in in the morning.  During the day I taught an amazing group of artists.  The class, Fast Draw/ Slow Stitch focused on drawing with pencils and thread amidst a discussion of time and materiality.  I feel lucky to have had so many amazing students and to have been a part of so many interesting discussions.  What a time we had!
Here we are enjoying happy hour at picnic rock, where all of us brought embroidery, and none of us got anything done.  Would you?  That ocean calls you out and won't let go.

Here's one of the views from our classroom.  The whole campus is built on a granite slope, and each building has an incredible view of the Penobscot Bay.  The air smells wonderfully salty and there was a fresh ocean breeze every day.  Occasionally it got too hot to be indoors, so we moved our whole operation out onto the deck.  It was fantastic.

Here is a sneak peak preview of the collaborative project that everyone worked on.  I'll show you some beautiful individual photographs and close-ups tomorrow in another post.