Ribbon Nirvana

Have you ever been to M&J Trimmings in New York?  It's a ribbon store, folks, and it's huge.  It's a palace of ribbons from floor to very high ceiling.  I love it in there.  There's a section (not a very small section either) of vintage ribbons, and I try to make a date to stand in front of it whenever I'm in New York.   Here's the small handful of vintage stock that I came back with last week, laid out on my back-porch picnic table.   I don't have a specific project in mind, but who can resist a wall of vibrant embroidered flowers in long skinny ribbon form?
I found this picture over on Martha Stewart Crafts, where there's an entire expose on the shop, which is great because I forgot to take any pictures while I was inside.  Check out the whole story here.