In all my summer travels and adventures, I have not been able to pick up our CSA box that we share with our good friends.  So, although I've been eating amazing vegetables for several weeks now, this was the first week that I went and got them, and I've got to say, I love that part.  It feels like Christmas every time.

What a week it is for eating!  Look at this bevy of food that landed on our counter! 

I love the CSA so much, and one of my favorite things to do in the summer is to lay it all out on the counter and admire not only the beauty of the vegetables, but also to calculate mentally what this case of organic food would have cost at the farmer's market.  Really, it's a great deal.  We eat very well from June through December....and then we shop at Jewel and Trader Joe's and dream of the first day of vegetables while enjoying the freezer full of tomato sauce that I've stored away.  Speaking of storing away....just as I was finishing dividing the vegetables, Katy came home with this!  A cake! 

That's even better than a counter full of vegetables! We were too stuffed after our lunch to eat it, so it's tucked away in the fridge until tomorrow.  I love knowing it's there, and I've been peeking in every now and then to admire the bakery string.  Sometime tomorrow there is a red velvet cupcake with my name on it, just waiting to be unwrapped and admired.

And speaking of tomorrow- I am getting up bright and early to print a huge batch of samplers, so, if you've ordered since last Monday, yours will be headed out this Monday, and if you'd like me to send one to you in the mail this week, please order before Sunday (tomorrow) midnight.  Thanks!