Dropcloth Samplers

Dropcloth Samplers is a line of hand drawn embroidery patterns, designed and printed by Rebecca Ringquist.  

Why “Dropcloth”?

A dropcloth is something that can get messy- a piece of fabric that you can afford to make a mistake with.  You can jump in and take a risk!  Dropcloth Samplers is a line of hand-drawn embroidery samplers, printed and ready for you to jump in and start stitching right away. Some of the designs, like the Color Wheel featured here, come with the stitch names printed right on the fabric.  Others, like Paisley, allow the freedom to experiment since there are no stitch suggestions.  Rather than following a lot of strict rules, we encourage you to make it up as you stitch along.....

How did you get started?
The story of Dropcloth Samplers started at Squam Art Workshops.  In the summer of 2010, on a whim, Rebecca designed and printed an embroidery sampler, and sold over a hundred of them at the Squam Art Sale. Word got around the blog-o-sphere, and one thing led to another. A few weeks later she started a blog, and an accompanying shop to sell samplers online. They were wildly popular (thanks to a lot of other people’s blog posts), and lots more have been designed and printed as multiples since.

Who is Rebecca Ringquist?

Rebecca is a Portland, Oregon based artist and the business owner and designer behind Dropcloth Samplers.  To learn more about her artwork, click HERE.